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Thesis Assignment3

Pitch List

  1. A parallel world designed in a different standard. Eg. A world for me. Using myself as the center of this parallel world. Does it mean all of the doors/chairs would be shorten to accompanied by my standard? Or everywhere will be equipped elevators because I don’t have enough muscle to carry my luggage on the stairs. The protagonist of this world could also be someone else. Preferably the group of people that we normally don’t design for.

  2. A participatory design that evolves everyone’s decision. Have a simple project such as “Redesign this city’s pathway” and invite the audience to become the designer. The audience can adjust streets path, bridge heights, and other details that matter to them. For every adjustment, the audience needs to leave a comment/reason. Leaving the project with a group of audience for a certain amount of the time, and see what is the outcome.

  3. Expanding the QR code concept. How about QR code becoming a language need to study and people born with the ability to read QR code?

  4. Be Practical. Just as the “Cultural Probes” essay, is there a way to have more diverse user research that not limit to the needs?

  5. A web/page game that the user controls a person walks within a flat square. The path that they walked the world clear the surface of the square. In the end, this square would become a QR code that might have some info or no.

  6. Floating Point. The app will change according to the using time. Many people blame the people who are addicted to a specific product, for instance, cell phones/computers. But fewer people blame on the people who design it. For marketable products, they are designed to be profitable and at the initial stage of the design, they are meant to be designed for having users stay longer on the page. Could we design an app that has a floating-point that the app function/interface will change over time?

  7. A lot of people have a moment of insomnia. Could I create a story sharing platform for people to share their insomnia stories?

  8. Something related to hyper future and electronic art. How would art be like in the future?

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