Nike Basketball Athlete Tour Campaign

Digital Mobile Game/Advertising Campaign/UIUX Design


Nike Basketball launches its new athlete tour with NBA Star Kyrie Irving. While aligning with the greater concept of “we got next” of the brand, they look for a solution to warm-up the tour and raise social media attention to the tour. In addition, they want to enable fans to participate in the tour.

We got next is a fearless attitude.

You wear it on your sleeve and your feet.

You wear it in the way you talk and play.

It’s the tri-factor of confidence, skill, and style.


There’s actually a word for all this.


[Consumer Insight]

Through the NBA, consumers know about the hip-hop culture, the tunnel fashion style, and the pre-game handshakes. However, these don’t resonate with them because they don’t exist in greater China.

Our basketball consumers already have such passion for the game. Imagine how that passion escalates when we open up the whole world of NBA culture to them. With Swag shop, we make basketball synonymous with youth culture, both on and off the court.


We create a Swag Shop which represents Kyrie’s confidence, style, and skills. It is an H5 site that sits inside the Xian Yu app, which is the largest second-hand app in China. The shop’s interface is designed to facilitate the different content that we feature during the campaign, mainly; Swag Pack posts, videos, contests, user-generated comments, and content and at the end, live broadcast.

Every other day the shop releases a swag pack. The winner of the last swag pack has the chance to visit the off-line swag shop in the Kyrie Irving tour and to meet with Kyrie.

[The Swag Pack]

Apart from a pair of the latest Kyrie 3 White Ice and a golden ticket to attend the Athlete Tour event in Beijing, each Swag Pack contains three other unique items that represent the virtues Swag; Confidence, Skill, and Style.

[The Offline Swag Shop]

Kyrie styled the winner of the last Swag Pack at his offline Swag Shop. He chose the hairstyle and clothing for the winner according to the live stream comments. The live stream was received more than 400k views.

​read the review of the tour here.

My Role:

Working in a small team, I participated in the full campaign from idea generation, client pitching, deck iteration to the product design in the swag pack and the user interface design for the site.

Project Details:

Company: Publicis.Sapient

Client: Nike Basketball

Project Name: FA17 NIKE


Time: April to Augst, 2017